Special Occasions | Weddings | Stunning Aerial Footage

Our drone filming and photography services are able to cover your wedding from exclusive and stunning aerial views that would usually be out of your reach. Unique and exciting, drone filming produces truly spectacular footage that can really reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and its surroundings. 

Our Drones can fly up to 400ft taking smooth and detailed footage of your special day from places that would previously have not been possible. All our aerial filming is professionally edited, so you can enjoy your big day knowing that you’ll receive a fully edited, high-quality video with spectacular aerial videos and stills of your special day.

Typical wedding shots can include:

  • Aerial photos and footage of the church and venue
  • Aerial photos of the guests, family, bride and groom
  • Fly overs of guest arrivals and bridal cars
  • Aerial confetti footage
  • Special shots of the bride and groom

For more information on our wedding drone services, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will discuss any queries you may have.