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Special Occasions | Weddings | Aerial Festival Footage

Aerial filming offers an innovative way to record special events and capture them in a unique and exciting way that you’ve never seen before. We are able to access areas that aren’t possible with traditional photography, opening up the location and giving your audience the best view.

When you want to look back on a special occasion, nothing quite captures those moments like the high-quality footage taken from drone videography and photography. Because drones are easily portable, it’s simple for us to mark your exclusive event and turn the footage into a unique and fond memory to be later shared.

Whatever the event or occasion may be, MotionVita will conduct thorough flight plans and assessments to ensure your event is filmed in a way that provides fantastic and high quality aerial images and footage, whilst being personalised to your exacting requirements and always complying to UAV safety regulations.

For more information on our events drone services, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will discuss any queries you may have.