Agriculture Surveys

Monitor Crop Health | Maximize Efficiency | Increase Crop Yields

The highly detailed agricultural data generated by drones are now helping farmers to gain a more accurate insight into the health of crops and how they are reacting to their management strategies.

Until recently farmers have had to spend long periods of time visualising data from ground level about the condition of their crops by using quad bikes or tractors which only give fairly limited information. With the help of our agriculture drones, MotionVita are able to view any given land area and convert it into visual crop data within just a few hours.

What makes our drones specific for agriculture is the capability to produce real NDVI agriculture imagery with our advanced software.  NDVI is a vegetation index that is used to detect plant stress, ground moisture, irrigation issues, weeds, crop disease and compare vegetation conditions in various areas of a crop.

Our agricultural surveys will provide very detailed area maps, highlighting  essential data on the health of crops throughout the stages of their development. They provide overviews of any given land area and provide specific data for use by the landowner or agronomists.

For more information on our agriculture drone services and area mapping, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will discuss any queries you may have.