Aerial Building Surveys

Roof Surveys| Hard to Reach Areas | High Quality

We can provide close-up aerial surveys for those ‘hard to reach’ areas on the exterior of buildings, capturing high-quality video & images of its structure.

UAV Drone Systems are more recently thought of as a primary tool for the initial aerial inspection of roofs and buildings and are great for accessing hard-to-reach areas. We are able to carry out high level aerial surveys from ground level to 400ft.

Aerial photography is a cost effective way to inspect and analyse the exterior of a property before committing to the expense of erecting scaffolding or renting cranes. We can provide our customers with either high resolution images or high definition video of those hard to reach and potentially dangerous areas.

Whilst operating the drone, we can monitor the video at ground level in real time as we fly, so you know we are getting the exact images you require. We are able to zoom in to inspect many aspects of your roof, including brickwork, stonework, restoration, roof tiles and roof valleys.

For more information on our aerial building surveys, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will discuss any queries you may have.