About MotionVita

CAA Approved| Wide Range of Services | Experienced

MotionVita is run by a team of CAA Approved professional creatives, dedicated to delivering exciting and unique imagery that you thought was out of your reach! We offer a creative solution to your filming or photography requirements.

Using Unmanned Arial Systems to great effect, we focus on the images and sequences that capture the key features of your specific project and work with you to create those special and beautiful shots or videos that can only be created from the air. We undertake a diverse range of drone projects for many applications, including:

  • Property Marketing for Estate Agents

  • Agriculture Surveys

  • Arial Building Surveys

  • Wide range of events

  • Corporate Videos

  • Hotels and Golf Courses

For more information on our drone services, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will discuss any queries you may have.