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Filming & Photography

We offer high quality drone photography & filming for a wide range of purposes, helping our clients to achieve that perfect and unique aerial view point.

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Aerial Surveying

We can provide close-up aerial surveys for those ‘hard to reach’ areas on the exterior of buildings, capturing high-quality video & images of its structure.

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Aerial filming offers an innovative way to record special events and capture them in a unique and exciting way that you’ve never seen before.

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Our drone footage will greatly increase a property’s saleability, giving a clearer idea of the property size and the extent of its gardens, land & settings.


We offer a creative solution to your filming or photography requirements

MotionVita is run by a team of CAA Approved professional creatives, dedicated to delivering exciting and unique imagery that you thought was out of your reach!
Using Unmanned Arial Systems to great effect, we focus on the images and sequences that capture the key features of your specific project and work with you to create those special and beautiful shots or videos that can only be created from the air. We undertake a diverse range of drone projects, from photographing properties to promotional videos or corporate events.

Working with MotionVita


We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible imagery, working to your requirements throughout the project.


We will work with you from pre to post production, ensuring that we provide a high quality professional service at a time that suits you.


As CAA approved for commercial use, all of our work is performed to the required regulations to ensure a completely safe and compliant flight.